Third wheeling hard over the phone right now

I should try to watch all of Gunbuster at work

I don’t know why Taylor’s tag for me is Joebabe because she legit never calls me that

Her tag for me should be Jerk


Shoutout to every black and white cat named oreo

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19. Who is my favorite anime voice actor
None, really. There are a few who have a lot of roles that I like, but I like the roles more than the voices.

sup bruh 5-8


5) An anime I can’t stand: Blood-C. It was just like…what the hell.

6) An anime I want to watch: Freakin’ Diebuster if I can fIND A GOOD DOWNLOAD FOR IT.

7) An anime I never finished: I started watching No Game No Life and got super bored after episode 2.

8) The most recent anime I finished: I actually just officially finished Cardcaptor Sakura last night and it was awesome!

This is the torrent I used for it and it was pretty good.